Talk To One Of These Professional Organisers

Have you ever felt like you were drowning in your things? Trust me – I’ve been there, in fact if it wasn’t for the help of a certain celebrity organiser I probably would have never realised that my feelings of helplessness and despair were more related to my lack of organisation, than any serious problem with how my life was panning out.

I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder. I say ‘bit of’ because I’ve never reached the point where I can’t get to the front door, but there’s certainly been points in my life where I’ve struggled to wade my way through to my bedroom door. Whether I’ve been snowed under with work, falling behind on my laundry or simply feeling lazy, there has been points in my life when I’ve been buried by my things.

I reached such a crisis point last year when I spent a full hour looking for a date outfit. Something needed to change and that was when I started watching Marie Kondo’s fantastic new show on Netflix. OK, so I might have procrastinated doing the decluttering until I’d finished bingeing the entire series – but, once I got round to actually getting rid of stuff, I started to feel so much better about myself.

I had to rely on Netflix and my own chutzpah to get the job done, but if you’ve got a bit more cash to spare then you can hire one of these professional organisers to help you out:

You Need A Vicky

Vicky Silverthorn is one of the better known people in the field of organisers. She’s done it all, written a book, started a company and even appeared on Good Morning – but despite all of this success, she’s still an organiser at heart. Her team will happily tackle everything from wardrobes to offices, there’s no job too big for You Need A Vicky!

Declutter with Chloe

Chloe takes an environmentally friendly approach to her job as a professional declutterer, she encourages all clients to recycle as much as possible and travels to all her appointments by electric car – an admirable attempt at zero-carbon business! Chloe transforms wardrobes, helps folk prepare for moving and can even talk to your teenager about owning and retaining control over their own spaces (quite the task!).

Catriona Watson

Based in Oxford, Catriona runs Clear Space For Me, helping people make their most of their homes by creating effective living spaces that are light on clutter. She believes in creating a holistic, safe environment with her clients leading the change, rather than forcing any decisions. She offers a range of services including workshops for declutterers or in need of a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Mardi Girl

In her own words, Mardi Girl helps people to ‘say goodbye to things they don’t need by some simple, practical changes’. Like all the professional organiser mentioned here, she’s an advocate for client-led change and understands that the things that we hold onto are often representative of our life story, which makes them so difficult to let go of.

Let me know if you’ve decided to contact one of these professional organiser, or if you’ve taken the plunge to do it yourself!